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The dangers of taking to the water with an unlicensed charter are nothing to be taken lightly. A recent story by local TV station WTKR (News Channel 3) tells the story.

You can read the whole story on their website Coast Guard warns folks to watch out for illegal charters.

Virginia Beach Charter Sport Fishing Forecast for May

virginia beach charter sport fishing forcastWith the warm weather here to stay at last, the time has come to start planning your May charter fishing trips. In a recent article, we covered the types of fish that are emerging into our waters, such as feisty Bluefish and and tasty Croaker; now, we’re going to cover the conditions for the coming month you can precisely fine-tune your plans.

The fabled “April Showers” are running a month behind this year, which means a significant portion of May may be dominated by storms. Most, however, will be scattered and sporadic, which bodes well both for enticing fish to the surface and enabling you to hook them in favorable weather. This on-and-off pattern will last for the first twelve days of May, followed by a three day period of temperate sunshine. The thunderstorms return from the seventeenth to the twenty-sixth, then May will end with warm sunshine again. Fear not, however, brave fisher. As mentioned before, none of these storms will take up a whole day; therefore, plenty of sunny, dry fishing time will still be available.

With that being said, fishing in the rain can often be more productive than fishing in dry weather because the impact from falling rain disturbs the smooth surface of the water, thereby reducing the amount of light penetrating the water. Because of this, fish that would otherwise lurk away from bright light venture out to feed.Water temperatures throughout April were lagging behind the usual averages, but May is expected to be warmer than normal, which will serve to warm the water up in turn.

With such diverse conditions, you can plan trips perfect for both beginners and experienced fishermen. Book a trip for the day or an over-nighter, and don’t forget to bring food and a camera!


Marlin Fishing on the Seaduction

Incredible day out on the Atlantic! Check out the fun we had fishing for marlin in this short video:

These are pictures of a white marlin and a sailfish we caught off Virginia Beach last weekend. As a bonus we landed a tasty dolphin. In the video is a great action shot of a white marlin fighting at the back of the boat. We did land and release the fish unharmed.

Marlin Action

The end of Sept deep sea fishing was hot with white marlin action.

Deep Sea Fishing for Amberjack

Rods bent over and ‘jacks everywhere on this beautiful day of deep sea fishing at the south tower. This was an all day deep sea charter for 5 bachelors and a groom.  I was shocked to find out after we ran 52 miles out that the groom was getting married the same day of our charter.  The groom was back to the dock on time safe and sound.

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