Other Things You Should Know

Food & Drink

We’ll provide plenty of bottled water, but this ain’t a cruise ship, so bring whatever you want to eat and drink.  We have a microwave/convection oven, so your options are unlimited.  Most folks prefer to stop by the Harris Teeter on Mediterranean Ave the night before to pick up subs or ribs.  It’s OK with us if you want to bring alcohol on board, as long as those who partake are all above the age of 21, and you don’t have a drunk fest.  Safety is a priority when we are on the water.

If you prefer we take care of the food, just let us know. We’d be happy to work something out with you.

Role of the Mate

The mate will prepare the bait, tend the lines, and instruct you what to do when we get a fish on.  Feel free to ask lots of questions.  The Mate is there to educate and make sure that when we get a fish on, we get it in the boat.  No matter what your level of off shore experience is, the Mate will ensure you have a good time on the water. Mates work for tips, so please remember him at the end of your charter.  The better your day, the better his tip!

Boat Rules

  • Please keep any sunscreen off the fishing lines.  It repels the fish.
  • Be careful not to let the rod butts hit the floor or sides of the boat.  The only place they should be is in the rod holders or in your harness.  The boat is made of fiberglass than can chip and crack.
  • Please keep all sharp objects away from the leather couch.
  • If you get sick, please stay in the cockpit and out of the cabin.  The cabin is the worst place to be if you are sick, plus we want to avoid accidents on the carpet.
  • If you use the head (boat term for bathroom), please sit, even if you are manly man.  The floors are made of absorbent teakwood, and we appreciate your helping us keep them smelling good.
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